Daleys-inc.com has a growing portfolio of Windows Phone apps for you to choose from. Most of our current apps are completely free! We use them and built them to help everyone else who like us, may stuggle with Diabetes and weight control. It's a lifetime battle and we are building tools to help you win the fight!

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Daleys-inc.com is pleased to announce the Diet Tracker app was featured in all of the Nokia retail store outlets in the US!

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Kids Browse Safe

Kids Browse Safe

Ultra safe web browsing for kids! Use Kids Browse Safe in your Kids Corner and setup the websites you want your child to have access to, if they click any link or search term and the resulting domain does not match the website you setup for them access is denied! Kids Browse Safe in the Windows Phone Store

Blood Sugar Tracker

Blood Sugar Tracker

Tired of tracking your blood sugar on a notepad or scrap paper only to lose it or wonder what you wrote months later? Now with an export option to send your results to your family doctor! Blood Sugar Tracker in the Windows Phone Store

Diet Tracker

Diet Tracker

Track your weight over time to see trends and track your progress, best of all you can't lose it! Built in weekly, monthy and even yearly graphs make tracking your progress a snap! Diet Tracker in the Windows Phone Store

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